Founded in July 1963, China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI for short) is a nonprofit institution directly under the MII that is engaged in standardization, conformity assessment and measurement activities in the field of electronic information technologies. Authorized by government competent departments, CESI organizes the development of national and industry standards and participation in the international standardization activities in electronic information technologies.
CESI provides product certification, quality system certification, experiments and tests, measurement and calibration as well as training for the public.
The objective of CESI is to become a world-renowned, domestically authoritative institution for standardization and conformity assessment in the field of electronic information technologies.

CESI delivers the following services:

● Product certification and management system certification;
● Total solution of standardization activities;
● CCC certification related safety and EMC experiments on electric appliances, CB experiments, entrusted experiments, RoHS experiments, tests on audio, video equipment and relevant software, protocols and interfaces, software tests accepted by China Software, assessment on software process capability and capability maturity, IC card/chip, read/write implements, test on and national registration of tax-controlled cash register series and corresponding reports;
● Measurement and calibration in the electronic information area, such as radio and electromagnetism;
● Training of auditors for management system certification; training of software process assessors; training in national/industry standards of the electronic information field; appraisal of expertise and relevant training; and technical services and consulting on exported goods;
● Issuance of SJ standards and GB and GJB standards for electronic information; publication of Information Technology & Standardization and Safety & EMC.
The following two associations are affiliated to the CESI:
● China Electronics Standardization Association
● China Quality Management Association for Electronics Industry
CESI is undertaking the secretariats of many technical committees and technical subcommittees, including:

● China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee
● National Standardization Technical Committee for Information Security 
● National Standardization Technical Committee for Audio, Video and Multimedia System and Equipment
● National Standardization Technical Committee for Electronic Measuring Equipment
● Standardization Technical Committee for Safety of Electronic Products
● Standardization Technical Committee for Communications Equipment
● Standardization Subcommittee for Measurement and Statistical Methods of Radio Interference
● Standardization Subcommittee for Interference of Information Technology Equipment
CESI is responsible for the management and coordination of 26 working groups on standards for the information industry, including:

● Working Group on Standards for Semiconductor Lighting Technology
● Working Group on Pollution Prevention Standards for Electronic Products
● Working Group on Safety Standards for Electronic Products
● Working Group on Linux Standards
● Working Group on Mobile Storage Standards
● Working Group on Standards for Chinese Voice Interaction Technology
● Working Group on EVD Standards
● Working Group on Standards for Consumables for Information Processing Products
● Working Group on Interface Standards for Separation of Set-top Box and Card of Digital Cable TVs
● Working Group on IGRS Standard 
● Working Group on Standards for Flat Panel Display Technology
● Working Group on Standards for Digital Audio/Video Encoding and Decoding Technology
CESI Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) is a professional certification institution in IT approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the PRC. Its previous body is The China Certification Center for Quality System of Electronic Industry (CCQE) which was founded in 1994 and is one of earliest of its kind in China.
Its business scope includes:

● GB/T19001-ISO9001, GB/T24001-ISO14001, GB/T28001, ISO/IEC27001, ISO/IEC 20000 and other management system certification;
● Certification of CESI labeling products, including definition of digital TV displays, C-RoHS, software in Chinese, accounting software, Linux OS, IGRS products and electronic components;
● Training of system auditors and other certification-related value-added training
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